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Cooksmill: The One Stop Shop for Pizza Shop Equipment

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Pizza has become one of the most beloved foods throughout the world, with it being available in most countries around the world. From its humble origins in Naples to having frozen pizzas at home, one thing has remained the same and that is centuries of economic, technological and social change being baked into every slice.

Why should you choose Inker coffee cups?

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One of the reasons Inker cups and saucers should be appearing on a shelf near you is that they can be colour matched to your café, coffee shop, tea room or restaurant with ease. The range comes in a brilliant array of sharp colours, covering its “Luna” cups, and “Mocca” mugs, with matching saucers.

Are commercial microwaves better?

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Commercial microwaves can be a considerable investment for smaller businesses, which can lead many to be tempted into buying a microwave designed for domestic use. The question is whether or not a commercial microwave is a wise investment, compared to a domestic one. A domestic microwave may be cheaper in the short term, but there are multiple reasons why a commercial microwave can offer much better value for money.

What equipment is needed for cake decorating?

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The art of baking a cake takes time and practice. However, after you’ve mastered your craft, it’s time to take your skill to the next level by grasping the art of cake decoration.

Indian Restaurant Equipment Essentials

By Cooksmill 2 months ago 574 Views

Starting a new Indian restaurant? Read our ultimate list of Indian kitchen equipment essentials. An authentic Indian restaurant experience requires traditional Indian cookware to deliver scrumptious food!

The Secret to Making Fresh and Succulent Fried Chicken

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Chicken is an incredibly versatile meat that can taste mouth-wateringly good when cooked correctly. If you own a takeaway or restaurant, you'll understand that chicken is a popular meat for Britons and it's incredibly important to get the recipe and cooking method right.

Is it the end for plastic straws?

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In a bid to help cut down pollution in the world's oceans, the UK government has pledged to introduce new controls for all single-use plastic items in 2020. The measures will cover plastic straws, as well as plastic drink stirrers and cotton buds, and they will apply to England from April 2020. What will happen with plastic straws?

June Food and Drink Events

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The British summer starts here and if the forecasts are to be believed Britain is going to be having a 6 week heat wave. No one wants to be sat inside on a lovely day so it’s a great time for café and restaurant owners as people are out on the streets. Cooksmill bring you loads of great opportunities in this month’s food and drinks event guide.

Looking Inside Modern Bakeware, and the Efficiency Secrets it Holds

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The technological advances that have transformed most business sectors have had little effect on commercial bakery enterprises and prolific cake makers. For them, traditional recipes, creative skills and use of quality ingredients are the linchpins of sales success.

Colour Coded Cleaning – What You Need to Know

By Cooksmill 4 months ago 1248 Views

Reduce cross-contamination and maintain best practise cleaning standards with colour coded cleaning. Learn how to train your staff and what colour should be used for each area within your catering business.