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Is it the end for plastic straws?

By Angie Hardwick 7 days ago 521 Views No comments

In a bid to help cut down pollution in the world's oceans, the UK government has pledged to introduce new controls for all single-use plastic items in 2020. The measures will cover plastic straws, as well as plastic drink stirrers and cotton buds, and they will apply to England from April 2020. What will happen with plastic straws?

June Food and Drink Events

By Angie Hardwick 21 days ago 579 Views No comments

The British summer starts here and if the forecasts are to be believed Britain is going to be having a 6 week heat wave. No one wants to be sat inside on a lovely day so it’s a great time for café and restaurant owners as people are out on the streets. Cooksmill bring you loads of great opportunities in this month’s food and drinks event guide.

Looking Inside Modern Bakeware, and the Efficiency Secrets it Holds

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The technological advances that have transformed most business sectors have had little effect on commercial bakery enterprises and prolific cake makers. For them, traditional recipes, creative skills and use of quality ingredients are the linchpins of sales success.

Colour Coded Cleaning – What You Need to Know

By Cooksmill 1 month ago 437 Views

Reduce cross-contamination and maintain best practise cleaning standards with colour coded cleaning. Learn how to train your staff and what colour should be used for each area within your catering business.

Cooksmill's Guide to Food Labelling | Infographic

By Sam Lockwood 2 months ago 1126 Views No comments

What if we told you that you could boost your profits, reduce your food waste, protect your customers and help the environment all with just a simple peel and stick? You would be right to be sceptical, but you would be surprised to hear that all that can be achieved in a matter of seconds.

May Food and Drinks Events

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Spring is sprung and May brings us two bank holidays in one month. Bank holidays are a brilliant boost to all kinds of catering businesses from restaurants to mobile caterers as people see the bank holiday as an excuse to treat themselves. Be prepared for an increase in customers and make sure your fridges are stocked up.

April Food and Drinks Events

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Don't miss out on exciting food and drink events happening across Yorkshire, Manchester and the big events from across the UK. Spring is here and hopefully the sun will be shinning, it's time to get out and about to sample some tasty treats and maybe find some new inspiration for your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Chef’s Clothing

By Sam Lockwood 3 months ago 2264 Views No comments

Buying chef’s clothing can be a minefield of different styles, colours and uses. With more choice come more questions. For instance, what will look the best in my establishment? Do I need double breasted jackets or a bib apron? And what on earth is the difference between a trilby hat and a chef’s hat?

Throughout this ultimate buying guide we will be exploring the intricate labyrinthine of all things chef’s clothing, enabling to choose the best option for your establishment. Whether you own a contemporary coffee shop or a leading fine dining restaurant, this guide will make the whole journey that little bit easier! (Hopefully)

How to Make Your Fast Food Takeaway Business More Eco-Friendly

By Cooksmill 3 months ago 1188 Views

Run a takeaway business or fast-food outlet? Join the green revolution by using eco-friendly fast food packaging & supplies at your takeaway. Read 8 practical solutions to make a ‘Green’ difference!

March Food and Drinks Events

By Angie Hardwick 4 months ago 345 Views No comments

Want to know what food events are coming up? We have everything you need to know about the food and drink events you might want to attend this March. This month sees amongst it’s highlights the Manchester Irish Festival, the Harrogate Fine Food Show and the London Coffee Festival.