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These Sunnex accessories are the perfect blend of modern simplicity and functional elegance. Designed to elevate your tea and coffee service, these stunning accessories combine sleek aesthetics, superior craftsmanship, and practical functionality, offering a delightful addition to your beverage presentation.

Timeless Simplicity

Embrace timeless simplicity with the contemporary design of our Sunnex milk jugs and sugar bowls. Each piece showcases clean lines, minimalist shapes, and a harmonious balance that effortlessly complements any table setting. The sleek and uncluttered aesthetics of these accessories add a touch of modern elegance to your tea or coffee service, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Premium Quality

Crafted from high-quality materials, such as durable steel, these accessories exemplify excellence, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to rust, stains, and chipping. The attention to detail and superior construction make them reliable accessories for your cafe or restaurant.

Practical and Stylish

The carefully designed spouts on the milk jugs offer precise pouring, allowing for controlled and mess-free milk service. The sugar bowls feature a curved edge, ensuring the sugar stays inside the bowl and minimise the chances of sugar making a mess. These functional features add a touch of convenience and refinement.

Versatile Sizes

Cater to various beverage needs with the versatile sizes of our Sunnex milk jugs and sugar bowls. From small intimate gatherings to larger group settings, choose the size that suits your specific requirements. Whether you're serving a single cup of coffee or providing for a full tea party, these accessories offer ample capacity to accommodate diverse beverage needs, ensuring everyone enjoys their preferred level of sweetness and creaminess.

Easy Maintenance

The high-quality materials used in their construction make them easy to clean, requiring only a gentle hand wash with warm water and mild soap. The resilient surfaces resist stains and retain their appearance, ensuring that these accessories remain pristine and ready for your next beverage service.

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